Blackburner 23 Endurance 29" Front Wheel 2022





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The Blackburner 23 Endurance 29” is a wheel developed for XCO, XCM, and all those who... mehr
Produktinformationen "Blackburner 23 Endurance 29" Front Wheel 2022"

The Blackburner 23 Endurance 29” is a wheel developed for XCO, XCM, and all those who want a comfortable, resistant, and superlight wheel that is easy to maintain in mud, rain, and snow. The various components of the Blackburner 23 Endurance 29” have been designed and chosen to obtain the lightest possible carbon wheel without sacrificing reliability. The wheel is equipped with our Princess hub, which is chosen by elite racers. The hub is CNC machined in our factory from aerospace grade aluminium, thus demonstrating increased fatigue strength and low weight. The anodising ensures a great look and prevents corrosion, even under the toughest circumstances. Assembled and adjusted by hand in Buggingen, Germany, the Blackburner 23 Endurance 29” boasts the highest quality standards—guaranteed! The geometry has been optimised to increase the comfort of the wheel and reduce the weight. The hub is finally fitted with double sealed endurance bearings to ensure flawless reliability. From Stan’s NoTubes, the rim, which has the Crest CB7, is vertically compliant and impact resistant; thus, it is very comfortable and ideal for vibration damping. It is the most lightweight rim for XC application, thus providing quick and direct acceleration. The rim is designed for tyres up to 2,3”, and its new layup allows up to 10mm radial compliance to absorb larger impacts. It is fitted with Sapim CX-Ray spokes, which have extremely high fatigue test results and are very light. This wheel is the perfect choice for all XCM and Epic racers around the world!

Technical data

weight from: 592g
hub type: Princess 32 holes with Aluminium endcaps and Endurance Bearings
spokes: SAPIM CX-Ray Black Inox
max. spoke tension 1100N
max. rider weight: 90kg
max.system weight: 105kg
rim inner width: 23mm
rim outer width: 29,7mm
rim height: 19,3mm
rim standard: 29"
tubeless ready: yes
mandatory rim tape: 24mm Tune Tape, Tubeless Compatible
mandatory valve type: 35mm Tune Tubeless Valve or similar type
tyres and max.pressure: 38mm/4,1bar - 2,2"/2,7bar - 2,3"/2,6bar
nipples: SAPIM Anodized, Polyax, Secure Lock
brake interface: Centerlock* or IS6 disc-brake interface
colours: for hubs, nipples and Tune decals, available in all Tune anodised colours
scope of delivery: wheel and packaging
Notes For Centerlock* brake disc installation, screw on the Centerlock* lockring and tighten it with max. 40Nm
For IS6 brake disc installation, remove the threadlock residues of the 6 screws before installation a calibrated torque wrench to a max torque of 5Nm
For Tubeless Tires only (with or without inner tube)
for more information please refer to the user manual
*Center Lock rotor mounting system licensed by Shimano