Schwarzbrenner 60 Disc 2.0 front wheel

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  • LKVD42CAKS60X4s
  • 4062266071305
  • 0,776 kg
Our Schwarzbrenner60 Disc 2.0 wheelset has been designed with time-trials and triathlon races... more
Product information "Schwarzbrenner 60 Disc 2.0 front wheel"

Our Schwarzbrenner60 Disc 2.0 wheelset has been designed with time-trials and triathlon races in mind and is the ideal choice for your race-day disc-machine!

The Schwarzbrenner60 Disc 2.0 will make your ride faster with 60mm NACA aero-profile carbon rims, SAPIM CX-Ray aero spokes and ceramic bearings. The rims are produced in an automated manner by braiding robots to ensure high manufacturing quality and an improved durability. The SAPIM CX-Ray aero spokes are the best choice for time-trial and triathlon and at the same time maintain an optimal lateral stiffness. The CL hubs used in this wheelset are equipped with ceramic bearings and are ideal for cruising at high speed.

Technical data front wheel

Weight: from 776g
Hub Type: KillHill CL 24 holes with Aluminium Endcaps and ceramic bearings
Spokes: SAPIM CX-Ray Aero Black Inox
Max. Spoke Tension: 1100N
Max. rider weight: 100kg
Max. system weight: 110kg
Rim Inner Width: 17mm
Rim Outer Width: 28,5mm
Rim Height: 60mm
Rim standard: 700c clincher, 622 x 17mm
Tubeless Ready: Yes
Recommended Width Tubeless Tape: 20mm
Recommended Length Tubeless Valve: 90mm
Tyres and max. pressure: 23mm/8,5bar - 25mm/8bar - 28mm/7,5bar - 33mm/5bar
Axle type: 5x100mm, 12x100mm or 15x100mm
Nipples: Inverted SAPIM, Alu, SecureLock
Brake Interface: Centerlock* disc-brake interface or 6-Bolt with adapter
Colours: for hubs and Tune decals, available in all Tune anodised colours
Note: Screw on the Centerlock* lockring and tighten it with max. 40Nm.

*Center Lock rotor mounting system licensed by Shimano