Schwarzbrenner 20 Disc ULImited Rear Wheel 2022






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We present to you the Schwarzbrenner 20 Disc ULImited! It is even more radical than the Skyline... mehr
Produktinformationen "Schwarzbrenner 20 Disc ULImited Rear Wheel 2022"

We present to you the Schwarzbrenner 20 Disc ULImited! It is even more radical than the Skyline version! The selected spokes are Sapim CX-Super sublimated by carbon ties—a must to maintain lateral stiffness on superlight buildsets. The selected hub is the ultime version of our Prince hub, which is made with the latest generation of aerospace aluminium that is 10% lighter than the usual alloys. The hub is fitted with hybrid ceramic bearings to reduce the rolling resistance. Each material was selected to achieve the lowest weight possible. It is only available in the lightest colour, silver, with a special lasered logo. The carbon rim has an internal width of 21,6mm and can fit tyres from 25mm to 32mm. With its 20mm height, this rim is vertically compliant and impact resistant; thus, it is very comfortable and ideal for vibration damping. It also provides quick and direct acceleration due to its low weight. This rim is the most lightweight solution for disc road bikes. Uli Fahl is the founder of Tune, and his credo is to reduce the weight of the rotating parts as much as possible. That is why the radical Schwarzbrenner 20 Disc ULImited most closely matches Uli’s philosophy. If you want the lightest disc wheel, now you know the history behind the best choice you can make. So, take the ULImited!

Technical data

weight from: 586g
hub type: Prince CL Ulimited 24 holes with Aluminium Endcaps and Ceramic bearings
spokes: Carbon tied SAPIM CX-Super Aero Black Inox
max. spoke tension 1100N
max. rider weight: 90kg
max.system weight: 100kg
rim inner width: 21,6mm
rim outer width: 26,4mm
rim height: 19,3mm
rim standard: 700c clincher
tubeless ready: yes
mandatory rim tape: 24mm Tune Tape, Tubeless Compatible
mandatory valve type: 35mm Tune Tubeless Valve or similar type
tyres and max.pressure: 25mm/5,8bar - 32mm/4,8bar - 40mm/3,8bar
nipples: SAPIM Anodized, Polyax, Secure Lock
brake Interface: Centerlock* disc-brake interface
colours: for hubs and Tune decals, available in Silver Only
scope of delivery: wheel and packaging
notes: Screw on the Centerlock* lockring and tighten it with max. 40Nm
For Tubeless Tires only (with or without inner tube)
Remove the spacer on your freehub to switch from HG10 to HG11 and from XD to XDR, you can also remove the adapter to switch from Campa 11 to Campa 13.
for more information please refer to the user manual
*Center Lock rotor mounting system licensed by Shimano
*XD-Compatible licensed by SRAM
*XDR Compatible licensed by SRAM
*microspline system licensed by Shimano
*N3W is a Campagnolo registred trademark

from 700g
28mm inner width
Aluminium rim
from 815g
30mm inner width
Aluminium rim
from 699g
Disc brake
Aluminium rim
from 710g
28mm inner width
Carbon rim
from 590g
28mm inner width
Carbon rim
from 799g
Disc brake
Aluminium rim
from 773g
Disc brake
Carbon rim
from 838g
Disc brake
Aluminium rim
from 668g
Disc brake
Aluminium rim
from 778g
Rim brake
Aluminium rim
ab 119g
für 35mm Lenker