Schwarzbrenner 60 Disc 3.0 Vorderrad

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The Schwarzbrenner 60 Disc 3.0 is the ultimate carbon wheel, designed for all the roadies and... mehr
Produktinformationen "Schwarzbrenner 60 Disc 3.0 Vorderrad"

The Schwarzbrenner 60 Disc 3.0 is the ultimate carbon wheel, designed for all the roadies and triathletes who love the high-speed feeling on their bikes! The wheel is equipped with our best-selling ceramic KillHill hub, which is now available for the popular Centerlock* disc-brake mount! The hub is CNC machined in our factory from aerospace grade aluminium, thus demonstrating increased fatigue strength and low weight. The anodising ensures a great look and prevents corrosion, even under the toughest circumstances. Assembled and adjusted by hand in Buggingen, Germany, the Schwarzbrenner 60 Disc 3.0 boasts the highest quality standards—guaranteed! The geometry of the flanges has been optimised to have a balanced, stiff, and aerodynamic wheel. The hub is finally fitted with ceramic bearings to reduce the rolling resistance. Braiding robots in Germany produce the 60mm 3K carbon, which confers extra reliability and great impact resistance. This carbon rim has a NACA profile optimised in a wind tunnel to deliver amazing aerodynamic behaviour. It has low weight for this profile and high-speed stability, making it ideal for both flat ground and slightly elevated courses and triathlons. The Sapim CX-Ray spokes are the best for this application, with good aerodynamic properties and high stiffness. The last tests of this wheel have been performed during the Tokyo Olympics! Finally, the Schwarzbrenner 60 Disc 3.0 is the perfect wheel to keep every single watt during triathlon and time trial races.

Technical data

weight from: 747g
hub type: KillHill CL 24 holes with Aluminium Endcaps and Ceramic Bearings
spokes: SAPIM CX-Ray Aero Black Inox
max. spoke tension 1100N
max. rider weight: 100kg
max.system weight: 110kg
rim inner width: 17mm
rim outer width: 28,5mm
rim height: 60mm
rim standard: 700c clincher
tubeless ready: yes
mandatory rim tape: 20mm Tune Tape, Tubeless Compatible
mandatory valve type: 90mm Tune Tubeless Valve or similar type
tyres and max.pressure: 23mm/8,5bar - 25mm/8bar - 28mm/7,5bar - 33mm/5bar
nipples: Inverted SAPIM, Alu, SecureLock
brake interface: Centerlock* disc-brake interface
colours: for hubs and Tune decals, available in all Tune Colours
scope of delivery: wheel and packaging
notes: Screw on the Centerlock* lockring and tighten it with max. 40Nm
for more information please refer to the user manual
*Center Lock rotor mounting system licensed by Shimano

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