Race 28 Lefty 29" Rear Wheel 2022






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Tune has developed this exclusive aluminium wheel that maintains a light weight despite an... mehr
Produktinformationen "Race 28 Lefty 29" Rear Wheel 2022"

Tune has developed this exclusive aluminium wheel that maintains a light weight despite an inner rim width of 28mm. Lightweight, the grip and aggressiveness in the curves are unbeatable in this range and you can match this wheel on a Cannondale bike with an offset of 3mm for boost hubs. The wheel is equipped with our best-selling ClimbHill hub. The hub is CNC machined in our factory from aerospace grade aluminium, thus demonstrating increased fatigue strength and low weight. The anodising ensures a great look and prevents corrosion, even under the toughest circumstances. Assembled and adjusted by hand in Buggingen, Germany, the Race 28 Lefty 29” boasts the highest quality standards—guaranteed! The geometry has been optimised for a balanced, stiff wheel. The hub is finally fitted with double sealed endurance bearings and a reinforced freewheel to ensure flawless reliability. The rim is made with high performance aluminium alloy, which confers competitive weight, great ride stability, and the best durability on the market. Additionally, it is asymmetric for a more balanced wheel build. The shot peen finish increases fatigue life and durability. With an inner width of 28mm, the rim provides improved tyre support, which allows lower pressure, less rolling resistance, and better grip on rough tracks. It is ideal for modern XC assembly and fitted with Sapim CX-Ray spokes, which have extremely high fatigue test results and are very light. Typical for Tune, this wheel is available in seven colours for the hub, the nipples, and the decals to make your bike as unique as you are. With the Race 28 Lefty 29”, you take a big step into the future!

Technical data

weight from: 798g
hub type: ClimbHill 28 holes with Aluminium Endcaps and Endurance Bearings, 3mm Offset for Boost hubs
spokes: SAPIM CX-Ray Black Aero Inox
max. spoke tension 1100N
max. rider weight: 100kg
max.system weight: 115kg
rim inner width: 28mm
rim outer width: 32,2mm
rim height: 17,5mm
rim standard: 29"
tubeless ready: yes
recommended width tubeless tape: 30mm
recommended length tubeless valve: 35mm
tyres and max.pressure: 2,2"/2,9bar - 2,25"/2,75bar - 2,35"/2,5bar
brake interface: IS6 disc-brake interface
colours: for hubs, nipples and Tune decals, available in all Tune anodised colours
scope of delivery: wheel and packaging
Notes For IS6 brake disc installation, remove the threadlock residues of the 6 screws before installation a calibrated torque wrench to a max torque of 5Nm
For Tubeless Tires only (with or without inner tube)
Remove the spacer on your freehub to switch from HG10 to HG11 and from XD to XDR
for more information please refer to the user manual
*XD-Compatible licensed by SRAM
*XDR Compatible licensed by SRAM
*microspline system licensed by Shimano