ClimbHill Boost Hinterradnabe

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Our bestseller disc-brake MTB hub for 6-hole brake disc mount in Boost standard! The best... mehr
Produktinformationen "ClimbHill Boost Hinterradnabe"

Our bestseller disc-brake MTB hub for 6-hole brake disc mount in Boost standard! The best quality/price ratio you can get. Available in all tune colours, assembled and adjusted by hand in Buggingen, Germany. The hub is CNC machined in our factory from aerospace grade Aluminium with an increased fatigue strength. The anodizing ensures a great look and prevents corrosion even under the toughest circumstances. Configure your own hub by choosing your favourite colour and, depending on the application, the most adequate bearings and freehub type, here it is possible to upgrade to double sealed Endurance bearings and reinforced freehub body for harsh environment and easy maintenance.

Technical data

weight starting from: 209,6g
recommended spokes: SAPIM CX-Ray, SAPIM D-Light
max. spoke tension 1100N
max. rider weight: 100kg
max.system weight: 115kg
field of use: MTB


flange distance left: 37,4mm
flange distance right: 23,6mm
pitch circle left: 55,5mm
pitch circle right: 55,5mm
diameter spoke holes 2,4mm
offset spoke hole left flange _
offset spoke hole right flange _
spoke lacing pattern: 28/32 spokes with 3-cross lacing
Our tune spokelength-calculator will further help you to calculate the needed spoke lengths!


configuration: Endurance Bearing with Endurance freehub body/Stantard Bearing with 3T. Skyline freehub body
scope of delivery: hub and corresponding packaging if applicable
notice: Remove the spacer on your freehub to switch from HG10 to HG11 and from XD to XDR
Threadlock residue must be removed before installation. The brake rotor must be fastened with a calibrated torque wrench to a max torque of 5Nm.
for more information please refer to the user manual
*XD-Compatible licensed by SRAM
*XDR Compatible licensed by SRAM
*microspline system licensed by Shimano

ab 208,9g
ab 120,9g
ab 232g
ab 205g
ab 183,9g
ab 113,9g
ab 175,9g
ab 199,9g
ab 96,9g
ab 94g
ab 78g
ab 71,9g
ab 166,9g
ab 145g
ab 119g
für 35mm Lenker
GT35 Vorbau GT35 Vorbau
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ab 215g
ab 929g
30mm Innenbreite
Felge Aluminium
ab 60,9g
ab 933g
30mm Innenbreite
Felge Aluminium
ab 815g
30mm Innenbreite
Felge Aluminium
ab 175g
ab 636g
Felge Carbon
ab 699g
Felge Aluminium
TSR35 Vorderrad TSR35 Vorderrad
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ab 95g
ab 191g