Skyracer carbon saddle


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Skyracer redefines limits. Limits of Safety. Limits of stability. Limits of compatibility.... more
Product information "Skyracer carbon saddle"

Skyracer redefines limits.

Limits of Safety. Limits of stability. Limits of compatibility. Limits of speed. Limits of durability. Limits of research.

Safety: No material fatigue. Even after 200,000 test cycles. 3-4x higher impact resistance. Meets the safety requirements of ISO 4210-9 even at its svelte 69g (for the record, that’s about 23 cubes of sugar). Made from a 5 times as expensive, aviation proven and carbon reinforced material.
Stability: No adhesive joints. No weaknesses. 10x stronger than comparable models. Formed in a single piece. Manufactured at 400°C and 300bar using an unprecedented manufacturing process.
Compatibility: It can be used on all seatposts. The “Forged Carbon” Skyracer does not require oversize clamping.
Speed: No more pressure on the perineal region. You can focus on your ride. The saddle offers two seating positions to prevent slipping.
Durability: Fully recyclable up to 5x. Protects the environment and think to tomorrow
Research: 5 years of development. Research grant of 2,5m€. The icing on the cake: Individual design. The colour of the nose-piece can be selected from different tune colours.

When will you redefine your limits and become a Skyracer?

Technical data

Saddle shell and rails: ONE piece of carbon
Rail Diameters: 7mm
Padding: none
Width: 130mm
Length: 230mm
Weight: 69g
Nose-piece: Color-resist SLS technology
Colour: black, red, green, blue, orange, yellow
Intended use: universal, except XC Hardtail und CycloCross
Max. rider weight: 100kg

from 556g
Rim brake
Carbon rim
from 618g
Disc brake
Carbon rim
from 522g
Disc brake
Carbon rim
from 815g
29mm inner width
Aluminium rim
from 648g
Rim brake
Aluminium rim
from 119g
for 35mm handlebars
from 633g
28mm inner width
Carbon rim
from 744g
28mm inner width
Carbon rim